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Donna Colelli, Certified MnemeTherapist

I showed artistic ability from a very young age, and won a scholarship while still in High School to the
School of Visual Arts at SUNY Fredonia with the New York State Summer School of the Arts.

I continued on to College at SUNY New Paltz in the Fine Arts and received my Bachelor of Science in
Visual Arts. I am very expressive and animated which has worked well for me in my Volunteer activities.

When I heard about, and then saw a film segment about Art without Boundaries on PBS, I had to find
out more. I love working with the elderly, I love exploring art with children. I didn't think it possible I could
use my degree and God-given talents to such a worthy and noble occupation.

Art Without Boundaries
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Cell:  615-308-1777
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"I can’t praise The Art Without Boundaries™ program enough. The result of the program for
our residents has been amazing.  I am not a skeptical person by nature and I have always
maintained a positive attitude but I did not think the program presented by Art Without
Boundaries™ could work with the residents of our facility.  Every resident is in an advanced
stage of dementia so that chances of them being able to follow directions and participate in the
art session seemed very remote. How wrong I was! The result has been surprisingly beautiful
art, residents that smiled and responded during the session, were more alert and tranquil after
the session and seemed much more content with the remaining part of the hour and
sometimes even the rest of the day after the session. I would highly recommend the program."

"We strive everyday to bring new and innovative activities to our Residents.I have trouble
finding the words to describe what the Art Without Boundaries™ program has brought to our
facility. This program boosts cognition, self-worth and brings a sense of accomplishment to our
Residents. They are getting a great moment in time, having fun (yet working hard) and
succeeding in a finished product they can be proud of. Although there are so many things our
Residents can no longer do, MnemeTherapy is something they CAN do and provides a sense
of pride and self-esteem"
-Makena, Activities Director

"This program not only benefits the patients here, it touches the lives of the families and staff
here, too." -Melanie, Director of Nursing

"The self-esteem alone that his program brings is amazing! You can see the glow and smiles
on the faces of the Residents as they hold up their finished product...they just beam." -Kim H.
Admissions Coordinator

"MnemeTherapy is one of the most astonishing and hopeful therapies I’ve seen! I am in awe of
what our MnemeTherapist is able to accomplish during a 30 minute session."  School Director,