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Terry Rosiak, W. Berlin, New Jersey

I am a photographer,  painter,  wife, mother, and grandmother of seven. Professionally, my work
has been published internationally.  I have been fortunate enough to participate in over 60 exhibits,
invitational’s and solo exhibits.  My art was also featured on an international magazine cover and
featured on Action News.  I live and breathe art.
I taught alternative photography courses at different high schools, art centers and at our local
community college. I am basically a self taught artist and am forever taking courses.

My family is very important to me and they are also my biggest boosters and critics.  My
grandchildren keep me young at heart.  I look forward to our Friday night game nights.

MnemeTherapy was first introduced to me when my mother was living at a memory care center in
New Jersey.  I had no clue that day how it was going to change my life.  I was thrilled the day my
mom painted and she was happy with what she accomplished.  Mom passed away six weeks later
and I cherish her painting.

Bringing joy and hope to others through Art Without Boundaries is such a rewarding experience.

Art Without Boundaries
Testimonials about the AWB Program:

"I get so much pleasure out of painting. She doesn't do it for me. She shows me how. She is
so great. When I paint, I feel joyful." Phyllis A.-Resident

"I can’t praise Art Without Boundaries™ program enough. The result of the program for our
residents has been amazing.  I am not a skeptical person by nature and I have always
maintained a positive attitude but I did not think the program presented by Art Without
Boundaries™ could work with the residents of our facility.  Every resident is in an advanced
stage of dementia so that chances of them being able to follow directions and participate in
the art session seemed very remote. How wrong I was.

The result has been surprisingly beautiful art, residents that smiled and responded during the
session, were more alert and tranquil after the session and seemed much more content with
the remaining part of the hour and sometimes even the rest of the day after the session. I
would highly recommend the program." Garilee (Gari) Cave, Administrator/Founder

"This program not only benefits the staff here, it touches the lives of the families and staff here,
too." -Melanie, Director of Nursing

"The self-esteem alone that his program brings is amazing! You can see the glow and smiles
on the faces of the Residents as they hold up their finished product...they just beam."
-Kim H. Admissions Coordinator
"In the many years I have been in this industry, this is by
far the most inspirational program I have encountered."
-Harold C. Administrator
Contact Terry Rosiak
Phone: 609-413-5398
Terry receives the "Virtual" Certificate from
Founder, Noell Hammer

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