The Art Without Boundaries Association
The Mission of AWBA

We are a consortium of Affiliated Members, both artists
and entrepreneurs, with the mission to improve the quality
of life for individuals with Autism, Alzheimer's disease and
other related disorders of the brain by promoting
To accomplish that, we recruit, train and certify artists to
become MnemeTherapists. Membership in AWBA is
required to practice MnemeTherapy.

Don't be faceless!! Do
community with us on

AWBA members and students can get
ideas, post successes and communicate
with one another!

Our FaceBook private group. Because
of the many requests from outsiders to
join, we had to make this secret. Ask your
mentor to "friend" you and when you
accept he or she will add you to the group.

And our
FaceBook public page. Post
your successes for the world to see!

Friends of AWB focuses on health issues

Note: The  Blogger is only being used for archive

The  Art Without Boundaries Association has tax exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code

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Members' Home Page
To contact MnemeCorp, Association Management
7405 Harbor View Dr. Lessburg, FL 34788
Phone: 561-460-2791

Interested in the Master MnemeTherapy Course?

The Board of Directors has voted to allow Members to
receive a credit from paid dues to apply to the MMT
course for members in good standing! If you've been
in 2 years you can get it free!
Not a member of AWBA?
Visit our public website:

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