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Health Care Organizations
"I was amazed beyond words."

Although our goal is to provide a rewarding experience, documented Testimonies
show some patients have experienced:

    Increase in verbal skills, both receptive and expressive aphasia

    Decrease in combativeness

    Improved self esteem

    Better mobility

    Dramatic decrease in rigidity

    Better spatial acuity

    Increased interest in activities, socialization and grooming

    What does that mean to your organization?

  • Family members are thrilled with tangible proof their loved one is
    receiving excellent programming

  • They are proud of their loved one's achievement

  • The paintings become a "rallying point" for families to share something  
    positive and uplifting

  • Residents/Participants find a sense of purpose as they create the

  • Residents/Participants experience positive changes that last, sometimes
    making care easier for staff.

  • Health professionals report that with some clients we see immediate,
    dramatic, lasting improvements.  (see clip to the right)

If there's not a MnemeTherapist
in your area:

How to host Art Without Boundaries™

If there's not a MnemeTherapist in your area, (check here, then use back button to
return) you can schedule a traveling MnemeTherapist to come for a "Short Term."
That's what we call a week long visit where the MnemeTherapist will be able to provide
the service to 8 to 10 clients a day.

You can use the paintings for a fund raiser, art show or just framed them and proudly
display them. What a great marketing tool!

In the meantime, if you like, we will be recruiting in your area to find a qualified artist to
service your organization on a regular basis.

The video,  upper right, is an interview about holding a successful fund-raiser.  The
letter below is from Carla Heritage, former administrator of the Riverside Living Center
about their short term experience:

    "Dear Art Without Boundaries,

    I was sold on your program before you got here, but after I witnessed the first session I was
    amazed beyond words.  I’m not sure I can adequately express how Art Without Boundaries has
    impacted our facility.

    Our  residents have found a sense of purpose as they created these wonderful paintings. The
    attention they have received has given them true joy and fulfillment.  These elders are in the winter
    of their life and this experience has brought a breath of springtime amid the doldrums of those
    winter days.  

    Our family members are touched as they see the smiles on the faces of their loved ones.  Not only
    are they surprised and amazed at this newfound talent but the paintings give them priceless
    treasures to hold onto.

    The staff members were spellbound as they watched you work.  Many couldn’t tear themselves
    away from the observation window for fear they would miss something.  This opened the door to
    their own creativity as they watched you work.  Their enthusiasm has been sparked as they have
    seen what our residents can do.  

    Many caregivers are still experiencing changes in behavior from once difficult residents that had an
    opportunity to paint with you.    

    This program has been an invaluable means of connecting the community to this facility. People
    are coming into the facility to see what everyone is talking about.  The media coverage about Art
    Without Boundaries has given us numerous marketing opportunities.

    The money I have spent on Art Without Boundaries has returned ten fold in so many different ways.
    I want to thank you for sharing your gifts with our residents, staff, family members, and community.  
    I want you to know that I would be more than happy to answer any questions others may have
    about Art Without Boundaries and to share with them the joy this experience has brought to
    Riverside Living Center."

    Carla Heritage, (formerly from Riverside Living Center,Piedmont, SC
Ready  for the Gala
The Pecan Grove by Charles- Riverside
Testimony by Robyn Katz director of Alz Place in Gainesville, FL

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