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Southwest Idaho
Mary Jussel


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The Art Without Boundaries Association
Columbia, SC
Dana Warwick
Buffalo, MN
Susan Volden

Healthcare, families:

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"When I found Art Without
Boundaries I was so excited to
see the way this was helping
people affected by disorders of
the brain like Alzheimer's
disease, Autism, and other
learning disabilities. When I
saw the impact MnemeTherapy
was making in their lives, I just
knew it was for me!"
Megan Miller, CMT
Peoria, IL
Dori (Bollinger) Thompson
New Orleans, LA
Barbara Shaw
Wilmington, DE
Donna Teleis
Brooksville, FL
Mary Jane Walker

"Working through the Art Without
Boundaries Association program
has given me a new sense of joy
surrounding art and the excitement
and pride that each person feels
when he/she creates beautiful
artwork.  I am blessed with this
opportunity to make a difference in
the lives of others."

Mary Jane Walker, CMT
" The on-line training was very
interesting and complete. My
mentor was just a phone call away
for help and encouragement. On
the conference calls,
MnemeTherapists already in the
field gave us great ideas and the
confidence to do the hard things.  
During CERT week I was thankful
to have my mentor’s expertise to
walk me through my first sessions
with real people, and to teach me
all the things that the virtual
classroom could not."
Barb Burson, CMT
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Barbara Burson
My certification week was incredible!  
Actually seeing and being a part of
the process is overwhelming.  The
first day I had tears running down my
face when one of the non-verbal
residents we were working with
spoke for the first time in years.
Working with the Autistic students
was equally amazing!

When I found AWBA, I knew
immediately that I NEEDED to belong
with this group of amazing individuals
and I was right!

Julia Berry, CMT, Lafayette, IN
What is MnemeTherapy®?

MnemeTherapy® uses everyday
pleasures such as singing,
painting and story telling in a unique
combination to stimulate dramatic
changes in the brain. Although our
goal is to provide a rewarding
testimonies show significant
improvement in some clients in
verbal skills, mobility,
combativeness, spatial acuity and
understanding instructions.
Buffalo, New York
Diane Menchetti
Taos, New Mexico
Anne Delling
Cedarburg, WI
Tracey Ellicson Ratzburg
Myrtle Beach, SC
Melissia Kish
Denver, CO
Jackie Sheridan
Ashland, KY
Jodi Cauch
Columbus, OH
Patti Goltz
Tampa Bay Area
Craig Todd
Naples, FL
Sharon Kirkman
"How gratifying to see the faces of
my clients light up with joy with
the beautiful creations they
design and in so many cases
reconnect with there
surroundings.  I'm looking
forward to serve in the
Naples/Collier Co area for the
next coming years.  Words can't
express my gratitude to be a
part of Art Without Boundaries."
Sharon Kirkman, Naples, FL
Nashville, TN
Donna Colelli
York, PA
Kim Martin
"It was an answer to prayer to
find AWB and see how the
Lord brought the different
experiences of my life
together to help people feel
The training was
comprehensive and
enjoyable. I look forward to
serving my community with

Kim Martin, CMT

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become a Certified
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Harrisburg, PA
Alaina Consagra
Long Island, New York
Collete Schildkraut
North Branch, MN
Tom Moriarty
"When I heard about MnemeTherapy and saw
the painting my Dad did, my heart  jumped and I
knew what God wanted me to do in retirement."
Tom Moriarty
Northern Virginia
Catherine Fetterman
"The last six months have
opened up a new chapter
in my life. I'm just thrilled to
have found Art Without
Boundaries and glad to be
able to use my talents to
help others and have a
rewarding career."

Linda Voogt-Wood
South New Jersey
Terry Rosiak
Sioux Falls, SD
Connie Buskohl
Kalispell, MT
M.K. "Kim" Ingwaldson
"Finding MnemeTherapy is a
dream come true for the simple
reason that now I get to paint
with clients suffering from
Alzheimer’s, dementia, stroke or
other brain or head injuries in
their own home, retirement
community, or assisted living
quarters. How great is that?"
M.K. Ingwaldson

"The Art Without Boundraries
members are a group of incredible
people and I consider it an honor to be
part of this organization."
Connie Buskohl,
Sioux Falls, SD
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I cannot wait to start a new
chapter in my life that combines
my new founded passion of
educating and helping others with
my natural talent and passion of
art.  And most of all, the
rewarding experience to promote
whole brain communication for
individuals with Autism, Alzheimer’
s Disease, and other brain related
disorders to give them a better
quality of life.

Tina Gibbs, Evansville, IN
Coastal California
Brandy Bowlin
Cape Cod, MA
Wendi C. Smith
Bloomington, Indiana
Kathy Saucier
Cincinnati, Ohio
Patti Mc Donald
Mattawan, Michigan
Patricia Hinckley
"The success of using art and
artistic expression in my
counseling practice, led me to
pursue adding MnemeTherapy
to my practice.   In 2014 I
became the first Certified
MnemeTherapist in Michigan. It
is a privilege to bring
MnemeTherapy to Michigan."

Patricia Hinckley, Mattawan
Counseling Center, Mattawan, MI

To learn more about training to
become a Certified
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Eddyville, Kentucky
Mini Crowell
Palm Beach County, FL
Ivette LaManna

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Central Maryland
Tara Staley
"I can’t believe how perfectly
this fits with my interests in
art, health & fitness and
charitable pursuits."
Sue Forti, MA
Woodside CA
Paulette Gill
"MnemeTherapy is my true calling to
help those who face certain
challenges create their something
beautiful. I hope to not only help
those through art but spread the
word about MnemeTherapy and its
great and many benefits.  It is an
honor to work not only with the Art
Without Boundaries Association but
with the many beautiful people I get
to meet everyday through

Tara Staley, MI