In November of 2007, founder, Noell Hammer was
    approached by a podiatrist who had seen the amazing
    results with Alzheimer's patients in a local assisted living.
    She asked Noell to try the process with her daughter,
    Cara, a 10 year old girl with autism. This program is a
    direct result of the amazing improvements observed in

    Improvements observed using MnemeTherapy with
    ASD students:

  • speech
  • longer attention span
  • in joint attention dysfunction
  • better at following instructions
  • increased spatial acuity
  • more awareness of those around them
  • better impulse control
  • better coordination
  • happier, more loving and more contented

What is MnemeTherapy?
MnemeTherapy™uses everyday pleasures such as singing,
movement, painting and story telling in a unique
combination to stimulate dramatic changes in the brain.
Although our goal is to provide a rewarding experience,
documented testimonies show significant improvement in
some clients in verbal skills, mobility, combativeness, spatial
acuity and understanding instructions.
Cara, our first student in
Click here to read
the e-journal of her progress
Ryan, second student in
Click here to read
the e-journal of his progress
Patterning:  " Show and Let Go"

    Q: How can I get MnemeTherapy for my child?

    A:  If there isn't a Member servicing in your area, one option is to launch a fund-raiser or awareness campaign. By inviting a traveling
    MnemeTherapist to come to your area, you can use the painting produced for an auction or art show.  

    To find out if there's a Member in your area, Click here to see the Member Index

    If there isn't, use your BACK button to return to this page to request information about hosting a traveling MT.          

If you know a visual artist that might be interested in training to become a MnemeTherapist, and have the required skills, have them visit our website and click on
TRAINING at the top of the page.
Want more information about Hosting Art Without Boundaries? Write us at:
ASD Program

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