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Larry Homan, Coon Rapids MN

Born and raised in Minnesota, I remarried in 2003 and now have five children (his, hers and
ours).My wife and I both love children and have learned an incredible amount from blending a

Growing up, I always liked drawing and creative arts.  Although I have enjoyed many different
forms of artistic expression, my favorite has always been airbrushing. I love the soft look
achieved using an airbrush and prefer realism. In 1994 I formed Larry’s Rare-Air Custom
Airbrushing, LLC ( My specialty area is wildlife but I
have painted a wide variety of images throughout the years.

I have spent most of my professional career in the graphic design field. For over six years I
longed to find an occupation that would allow me to help people by utilizing my artistic abilities
and love for people.I also needed to be able to support my large family. I began to pray for
direction and my prayerswere answered through Art Without Boundaries™.

I am now working my dream job as a MnemeTherapist™. It is very rewarding to help
individuals diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, Autism or other brain disorders as well as
stroke recovery. I thank God for placing me on this exciting new journey and am enjoying a
much more fulfilling and satisfying career!

Art Without Boundaries
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"Our experience with Larry Homan’s Art 4 All program [MnemeTherapy®] at Stonecrest has been amazing.
We had a particularly moving experience with one of our residents who rarely comes out to activities. When
Larry worked with her we were so impressed with the results. She was fully engaged, singing along and
independently moving the paint brush. More importantly she had a smile on her face and it was obvious that
she was motivated to continue and was excited by the art she created."
Nicole Achterling, Recreation Director

"I am Anna's daughter and I wanted to thank you so much for the beautiful picture that you helped her
[make]. I am truly amazed. She was so excited and couldn't wait to tell me about it. I can't thank you
enough. It made her so happy and I just can't imagine how you were able to make that happen. I cried
when I saw it- I can't say enough "Thank You's" to you. It is so much appreciated. Yes, she is blind. This
has made her so happy and so many people would like prints of it. When she told me that she painted a
picture, I was expecting something like a child would have done. When they gave me the box and I opened
it and the staff told me the story, I looked at it and cried. I haven't framed it yet, but plan to do soon. I go in
and look at it all the time, I am truly amazed and her confidence is so unbelievable. I will never be able to
thank you enough. Thank you so very much.

"Larry has been working with my mom for about a year, meeting with her monthly to play simple (but not
simplistic) games, sing, tell stories, and paint. My mother has a fairly advanced case of Alzheimer's, but the
artwork she creates is beautiful. More importantly, she is creating something and working at something that,
I believe, gives her a feeling of accomplishment, She is also challenged to make connections in her brain
from the multidimensional activities Larry does with her. Most importantly to me as a daughter, she is
intentionally engaged, cared for and seen as a value. No amount of money can pay for that kind of
interaction, especially with an older, vulnerable adult, who is now shut out from the rest of the world. I
would highly recommend Larry Homan as a MnemeTherapist who has gone above and beyond with my
mom."  Daughter of Alzheimer's client

The wife of one of Larry's clients had this
song and video of her husband’s
MnemeTherapy® paintings created in his
To see current news and updates about
Larry's practice, follow Art 4 All, LLC on

“Orange Palm”: Painting done by 9 year old girl  with
severe brain damage due to seizures suffered during
her first year of life.
Larry assists a man with dementia and physical limitations
"Larry worked with one of our residents, Mary B., who
has aphasia. Mary was living on her own up until 3
months ago and then moved in to our Assisted Living.
Since moving here her ability to speak has diminished
and her usual utterance is "yeah-yeah". As she began
to work with Larry she was able to repeat words as he
spoke them. Larry's patience was a key factor along
with his slow pronunciation of the word he wanted her to
speak. She repeated short sentences after Larry and
at one point she asked him to come and work with her
on her speech. Mary was able to repeat words (right &
left, Thank you) on her own as Larry provided patience
& encouragement. Mary was very proud of herself and
she had a glowing countenance as she left. One could
see she was proud of her special time painting &
-Chaplain Bev Vasseur
A client adds detail to her palm tree. This young lady had
encephalitis as a teen age girl and suffered brain damage as a
result. She has short term memory loss and some behavioral
issues, but has high cognitive function.

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